So, what is Veganism?

A lot of people have been asking what Veganism is, what it means to be Vegan and the hell do we eat? What the diffence between a vegetarian, plant based and vegan?

Vegetarians do not eat meat, (beef, pork,chicken and fish) but they do eat animal bi products (e.g., eggs, butter and milk). They also wear leather, fur, silk and wool.

Someone who is plant based, as the name suggests, is someone who doesn’t eat meat (beef, pork, chicken and fish etc) and also doesn’t eat animal bi products (egg, butter and milk). However, like vegetarians, they do wear leather, fur, silk and wool.

Vegans do not eat meat, (beef, pork, chicken, fish, duck ect) nor any animal bi product (eggs, milk, butter, yogurt etc). They also do not wear leather, fur, wool or silk. They also have vegan makeup and skincare as well as animal cruelty free products. Vegans try their best to not harm animals or have any type of food or product that does so (in any form including cleaning supplies to makeup to clothes). 

Naming everything that Vegans can not eat seems like a long list and many people wonder what we eat. Well, there are actually 20,000 different edible plants on Earth, so actually, with a little imagination and inspiration, we can eat whatever we want! 

There a lot of different types of vegans, there are Raw Vegans, who only eat fruit and vegetables, to gluten free vegans, to junk food vegans, to super healthy all the time vegans, to wanting feel like they still eat meat vegans, there are loads.

I personally am a “eat in moderation but i still want Oreos” type of a vegan, (yes, Oreos are vegan!) 

There will be plenty of posts about what vegans eat but just to give a brief idea, we like to have veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, legumes, rice, pasta, crisps, biscuits and potatoes! The list goes on and on! 

I hope this has help to clear things up a bit, if you have any further questions, then do let me know!

Vegan Chats 


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