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I’ve been spending the last couple of days setting up this blog and writing and writing about veganism (posts coming soon), and I realise, I haven’t shared much about myself, if anything, so I thought a tag would be perfect! I love reading them and I thought it would be fun for you to see what type of vegan I am! PS, sorry for the lack of the photo, photos are something I’m not too confident on, so they aren’t quick to scratch, I’m giving it a go when I can though!

Are you a vegan? 

Of course! 

When did you become vegan?

Actually, not that long ago! It is nearly my 50th day mark as fully vegan! It hasn’t been long but I know it will be a lifestyle I will have the rest of my life! 

Why did you become vegan?

I am currently working on a some common reasons people become vegan and they are the reasons I became vegan. But the reason I became interested was because I have a skin condition called psosoris and had been told many times it may be due to too much dairy. So around December I was thinking about cutting out dairy until a girl Bonnyrebecca on YouTube (I’m sure you know her) somehow got into my recommended page on YouTube and I got hooked. I decided that I may as well try to go plant based, cutting out diary and meat but decided to go the whole “hog” and go vegan. I haven’t had 1 regret since!

What was the hardest part of becoming vegan? 

Socializing! It wasn’t fun when everyone around you is eating amazing food you are still craving but soon, that will fade! I also found it hard telling people because I am the only vegan out of my close family and friends, so they didn’t get it straight away, but they are definitely getting there! Patience is key!

Is it difficult being vegan?

No! Once you know why you are vegan (the animals linger in my head) then it very easy! At first it is a little tough when people are eating amazing smelling food, but once you learn how to cook some amazing vegan food, they start wanting your food! 

Do you let certain things “slide” from time to time? 

No! At first, I didn’t have a slice of cake because I was craving so much but since then I haven’t at all! You start to feel incredibly aware of what’s in the food and what had to happen for that food and in the end it just isn’t worth it. If you crave cake, go to local supermarket and get a vegan cake! You don’t have to be super healthy all the time, cheat days exist! 

How do deal with close mind people about your diet?  

I talk to them! I ask why they think like they do and every argument they have I show them the science behind the vegan view. Most of the time they have silly arguments like lack of protein etc, which is aruguded against by so many people and sciensts. If they are close to me I just show them that I believe veganism is right but showing them how much I am thriving! If they aren’t close to me, then who cares about their opinion?

Do you believe in vegetarianism? 

Yes! It is a great transition between Omni to vegan. It makes it easier to cut out meat first before dairy. Though if you can go vegan, you have the resources etc to go vegan, go vegan. I think a lot of vegetarians think that the milk and egg industry don’t cause any harm to the animals, your health or environment, or at least not as much as meat, but heartbreakingly it does. But if you want to be veggie, do it! It will be amazing and you will be saving so many animals and gallons of water and more yearly! 

What’s your favorite vegan food?

That so tricky! I love a lot of things! I am loving mangos right now, and watermelon! I can’t get enough!

What is your opinion on palm oil?

Palm oil is a new topic to me and I don’t know that much about it. I thinking of doing a post about it once I learn a bit more? Even through its “vegan” it does kill. I do avoid it when I can but I honestly don’t look out for it too much. That is my next step as a vegan.

Do you feel judged by other vegans?

No! I am part of a couple of vegan Facebook groups and have a couple of friends who are vegan and everyone I have come in contact with has been nothing but supportive. It’s been pretty incredible. They really help you if you are struggling and I am hoping that this blog will help someone who needs help on the vegan adventure!

Do you enjoy being vegan?

You know what? A lot of people think it would be horrible and so restricting and just eating spinach all day but I honestly love it and I have fallen in love with cooking and finding new things to try! I wouldn’t recommend veganism more. If you are thinking of being vegan, do it! Try it for a week, a month, whatever! I am 100% you will not go back! 

I hope you enjoyed this tag! It was great fun to write! If you want to answer any of these questions then comment them in the comments I would love to hear them! 

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