Why become vegan? 1/3 Animals


Happy Sunday! So I have been talking to a couple of my non vegan friends and asked why they weren’t vegan. Plain, simple, no judging. Just a simple question. A lot said that they didnt relate to a main reason why they should become vegan, so I thought I would do a 3 part series talking about the main reasons people become vegan. 

The main 3 are for the animals, for health and for the environment. Eating animal products and animal bi products have a massive effect on all 3, some are obvious and some may shock you a bit, they definitely did me!


It might be obvious but the animal has to killed for you to eat it’s meat. The thing that I never thought much of was how it died or that I was falling for serious propaganda or worse, I was just blocking it out. 

We imagine a beautiful English field filled with plump, energetic cows on lush green grass in the warmth of the sun with kind, caring farmers looking after them. If you have that image in your head, for any animal becoming meat, I’m sorry but it’s not true. It’s not true in the US, in the U.K., no where. 

Instead, they are crammed into a windowless warehouse being hurt and tourtured by horrible human beings who have become so used to killing they don’t see the animals as animals with souls and feelings. They punish the animals purely because they can. If you would like more information about this then watch Earthlings. It shows exactly what goes on behind closed doors and I can tell you now it is horrific. For more information go to Earthling Ed on YouTube, he has an amazing channel.

So as we can all guess animals being slaughtered is horrible, of course it is but I feel like most people (including myself) didn’t ever think about dairy cows and chickens who lay eggs.

I won’t go into too much detail because it’s heart breaking and I don’t feel this is right place but have you ever thought about how the female gets their milk? I didn’t. Do tell yourself they “just need to be milked?” I can tell you know that they don’t. Think about a female human, she produces milk once she has a baby, cows are the same. 

Dairy workers do their work, artafically getting the cow pregnant, of course without its permission, which is rape by the way. She gives birth, sees her calf for no time at all until the calf is taken away. If it is a boy, it is tied at the neck for 6 months and then killed veal. If it is a girl it is taken away to have the same life as her mother. Once the mothers milk runs out, she “gets pregnant” again and the cycle continues until she dies of exhaustion.

A lot of people have no idea what the dairy industry puts the cows through. 

For chickens, they are forced to be piled up on top of each other due to lack of space, sitting with their own waste and their passed away friends. This is called “free range”. The only difference between “free range” and non is that they aren’t in a cage. But what’s the difference really? They still can’t shake their wings and stretch their legs. 

Both free range and non chickens get their beaks burnt off in a very painful way because the chickens start to peck each other because they get so angry about their life.

An average, non genetic chicken that had all their life to lay their eggs whenever they want to, lay 17 eggs in their life time. These production chickens lay way more. More than they can. The indestry force them to lay their eggs quicker by confusing them and leaving in the dark days on end. The chickens life span in a lot shorter than it would be naturally. Earthlings also goes into detail about this.

As you can see, it is a cruel, horrible indestry  and no animal should have a life like that. 

If you are interest in the animals, then please watch earthlings. It is tough to watch but you will see what it’s like. I have not been asked to promote Earhlings, I just think it’s incredibly important for people to watch, vegan or not. 

If you don’t relate so much with the animals, a post will be following soon about the health effects. It is not what you are expecting!

If you have any questions at all, then please leave a comment below. 

Vegan chats

Photo purchased  from IStoke. Not my own


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