My Favourite Recipie Books 

Hello! Today I throught Iwould share with you my favourite vegan recipie books! All are amazing and taste great as well. Some also have extra tips and tricks along side the recipes! Every recipie book can be found on Amazon. 

“The oh she glows cookbook” by Angelia Liddon has some amazing recipies, full of beautiful pictures and easy step by step recipies. Most of the dishes in this “cookbook” have few ingredients that can easily be found in your local supermarket or you probably have in your kitchen already. It has smoothies, juices, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas as well extras such as lemon- tahini dressing or pressed tofu. 

She also has a blog “Oh she glows” which is packed full with even more amazing recipies for you to try out! She also has a couple of other books out that you can also find on amazon! The “oh she glows cookbook” is currently £11 on Amazon! 

Niomi Smart is a plant based vegan who has a blog and YouTube channel “Niomi Smart”. She was actually a main influence on me becoming vegan! She has bought out a recipie book called “Eat Smart” which you can find on Amazon. It is full of amazing recipies that I go back to again and again. The photos in the book are amazing making the recipies look incredible. At the start of the book she talks about her vegan journey as well tips and tricks that all vegans should know, from cupboard staples to a guide of how you should be eating as a healthy, balanced vegan. She also has breakfast, lunch and dessert ideas as well as smoothie bowls and soup to homemade lemonade. It is currently £9 on amazon!

My last favourite is “The New Vegan” by Aine Carlin. Her recipie book, like the others, has amazing pictures and easy to follow recipies, all of which, look amazing. She has the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks as well as beauty recipies! So if you want to know how to make a vegan, homemade beauty elixir with others, but don’t want to spend extra money, then this is the book you need! 

She has other books out as well and a blog called “PeaSoup” which is packed full with amazing looking recipies! She has had the blog since 2010 so there are plenty of recipies to go through! The book is currently £12 on Amazon!

I hope this post was helpful, tweet me at Vegan Chats, if you decide to make any of the recipies! I would love to see them!

Vegan Chats

Vegan Chats 


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