Thoughts on Blogging


It’s been a while! I’m not sure why, time has just passed by with out me really realising, can you believe it’s nearly May already?!

I love blogging, the interaction, the writing, everything about it, apart from the pressure I seem to put on myself. I have always done this, put so much pressure on myself for everything to look perfect and professional that when it doesn’t (and it never will due to my unrealistic expectations), I get disappointed. Then I start to give up. 

I feel like I do that with blogging. I want my blog to be a beautiful place to look at but also a place to learn something interesting, or to make your mind grow a bit, or just purely for you to relax. I feel those ways when I visit other people’s blogs, and I can’t help but compare. Compare to people who have been doing it years and who spend all their time (as it’s their job) on their beautiful blog. Who have paid a lot of money for someone to make their blog look and work amazingly. 

Maybe I will get there one day, but for right now, my blog is somewhere to write about what I feel like writing about or something I have on my mind, or just some fact or product I like to talk about. 

If you come here for a beautiful blog, with stunning pictures and slidey functions, then I’m sorry to say that you are in the wrong place.

I unfortunately won’t have pictures with every single post (a big reason that makes me stop blogging) because I’m not very good at taking photos. Photography doesn’t come naturally to me, so excuse me if there isn’t one. 

I am not sure on my schedule. I upload when I want to mainly, but I know that’s sporadic and that would annoy me personally as a reader. I think I may choose 1 day a week and only upload that day. If there isn’t a post, then I’m sorry! I would just be out of inspection. Hopefully, that won’t happen often!

This is a bit rambly, I apologise, but there are just my thoughts on my blog personally. I would love to know what you think of my blog and if any of my woes show. An update on the day the posts will go up will follow soon. 

Thank you for reading,

Vegan Chats 


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